Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a somewhat new concept and is used by parties that want a truly amicable divorce process. It is a process whereby the parties enter into voluntary, non-adversarial and flexible settlement negotiations with the assistance of lawyers. Other professionals may be brought into the collaborative process such as accountants who will aid with financial issues and mental health care professionals who can help with custody and parenting time issues if necessary.

The collaborative process requires both parties to voluntarily disclose all relevant financial information through an informal exchange, and the parties and attorneys can meet often and as necessary to discuss, negotiate, and fine tune mutually acceptable terms to resolve all issues in your matter. This process seeks to keep the lines of communication open, make it non-adversarial, keep good relations, and protect children from being negatively affected by the divorce or contested matter. The difference between this procedure and traditional litigated matters is that the parties agree in writing to the process without filing a complaint for divorce (until the case is settled) and to work together, with their attorneys and other members of their collaborative team, to resolve the issues without the assistance of a judge, mediator, arbitrator, or other third-party not a member of the collaborative team.