High Net Worth Divorces

Gourvitz & Gourvitz, LLC is known for handling High Net Worth Divorce matters. What defines a “High Net Worth Divorce?” These types of cases usually involve a significant amount of wealth, whether in the form of income, assets or both, and involve all of the issues discussed in other sections of our web site and tend to be both highly complicated and highly contentious. Usually, a forensic accountant must be hired, but not in every matter. We pride ourselves as being what we self-coined as “forensic attorneys” who have the ability to analyze a complicated and significant marital estate without the assistance of an accountant.

There is very little difference between a high-net worth case and one that is not. The only difference is the amount of assets, how the assets are structured, and what comprises the marital estate. We have written articles on this topic and not all divisions in a high-net worth case are equal and there are a variety of factors and complications which require you to have competent counsel that has handled these types of matters not just once, but many times. We have successfully provided such advice to many clients.