“Glad the kids in NJ have you in their corner!”

~J.M., Safety Consultant and Child Safety Advocate

Elliot has been one of the premier matrimonial lawyers and can settle or try your case whichever needed.

~ Cary Cheifetz, Esq

Few lawyers that I have encountered in the last 45 years are as effective an advocate as Elliot.

~John Trombadore, Esq

“I have worked with Gourvitz and Gourvitz for 14 years, and during that time, I have felt that their expertise, and management of my case has been exemplary. They care for me and my case in a way I feel that a father, brother or sister would take care of their own. Thank you Elliot, Ari and Kelly.”

“As a father trying to gain shared parental custody you automatically feel like the cards are stacked up against you. Gourvitz & Gourvitz made me feel like I had a chance. I didn’t want to be a weekend dad. Ari listened to my case and fought for my rights against false claims and misrepresentations.

Gourvitz & Gourvitz made it known, I had rights to be actively involved in my son’s life. They showed that with patience and proper legal guidance there could be a chance.

I thank Ari for a great job as I was granted temporary residential custody of my son after a 3 year long hard fought battle.”

“I am extremely happy with my experience with this firm. The staff always kept me informed and had my son’s best interest in mind and I am beyond pleased with the outcome of my case, they truly do “think outside the box” and I am comforted to know I have them in my corner.”

“Although Ari was not the first lawyer that I retained to handle my divorce he stepped in after many months of dithering and going no where fast and his attitude was that he handled every case as if  it was going to go to trial. That is exactly what was needed in my case. It was not quite the War of the Roses but was very contentious. Ari got right down to the actual issues involved and things turned out just as everyone involved, except my ex , thought they should be with everything being divided 50/50. Ari brought it an end about six months after he took over the case and I am very pleased with the settlement and his attention to my particular problems in the divorce.”

“They’ll go balls to the wall for their clients!! You will not be in  better hands. You will not find sharper minds. You will not experience  lack of caring. You will not be disappointed.”


“The firm of Gourvitz & Gourvitz is the legal industries platinum standard. When I was going through my divorce, Ari Gourvitz and Elliot Gourvitz ensured I was represented at the highest level possible. Moreover, they stood by my side in every facet both legally and emotionally. I strongly suggest if you are looking for the finest representation possible; you start and end your search with Gourvitz & Gourvitz.”


“Over the last few years, on three different occasions,  I have used the services of the attorneys at Gourvitz & Gourvitz. In each instance, I have found them to be highly professional, well versed in the law and very expedient in bringing  a satisfactory resolution to my cases.  I will not hesitate to recommend Gourvitz & Gourvitz to any one in need of competent legal services. “



“Great representation!!!  Ari and Elliot did a fabulous job for me.  Not only did I have great representation, I gained an extension of a family.”


“I hired Ari on two separate occasions – the first for my divorce and the second for a child removal action several years later.  Ari is terrific at returning phone calls and answering questions, but for me, his most important strengths are his tenacity and aggressiveness.   I was highly pleased with his work.”

“I have used the Gourvitz team for the Chancery Court for my personal divorce and I have used them in Superior Court for business related litigation. Both times they aggressively represented my interests and I was happy with their representation of my goals.”

 “I am very grateful to Mr Elliot Gourvitz for giving me back my Freedom. The day at our first meeting Mr Gourvitz advised me of possible outcome of my minor child relocation case. Mr Gourvitz also explained to my ex husband this possible result but my stubborn ex decided to fight me on every aspect of our disagreement. So we ended up in court and trial and the process has taken 15 months. After those month though the outcome was exactly as Mr Gourvitz advised on the 1st day we met which demonstrates Mr Gourvitz knowledge and ability to evaluate the trial decisions. He was honest and tried to help me settle the matter out of court but again my ex did not want to hear anything. So after couple of days of remarkable performance Mr Gourvitz set me free from my ex control and I was allowed to relocate to Russia with my 2 year old daughter! How brilliant is that! I paid dear for my freedom but this was the best investment i made in my life! And I thank Mr Gourvitz for holding my hand and walking along with me through the entire time of this painful and disturbing divorce time.”


Dear Elliot,

Over the past twenty five years I have had the need of your services in dealing with my divorce. You have made a HORRIBLE situation livable. Your total professional approach to this client’s problem and concern has afforded me peace of mind. I say thank you for attorneys like you, who handle delicate situations with professionalism and compassion.
God bless you!


Elliot Gourvitz is a formidable professional! During one of the toughest times in my life he and his staff made me feel protected and secure despite the mire of divorce. I recommend him and his staff should you find yourself in need of representation.