Gourvitz & Gourvitz has a reputation for professionalism and their aggressive representation of clients.

Gourvitz & Gourvitz has a reputation for professionalism and their aggressive representation of clients.

Gourvitz & Gourvitz, LLC. represents individuals in New Jersey, New York and Internationally in the broad spectrum of family legal matters. They appear frequently in State and Federal Courts in cases involving every facet of family law. They are particularly well known for their aggressive representation of clients.

The firm, which specializes in cases involving abduction of children and removal of children, has extensive ability to find and locate the children and have them returned to their rightful parents. The firm has:

  • Successfully stopped return of a child to the United Kingdom where she was sexually abused.
  • Successfully found and located abducted child and had her returned through the New York Supreme Court to father in Cardiff, Wales.
  • Successfully voided Muslim Mahr agreement in New Jersey Courts.
  • Successfully stopped Italian court from deciding alimony reduction despite both parties living in Italy.
  • Successfully stopped wife with proceeding with divorce in India.
  • Successfully found and reunited father with abducted child from Israel.
  • Successfully protected a women who sought sanctuary in New Jersey from Maryland against domestic abuse.
  • Successfully found and located a kidnapped child from Trinidad to the United States and had the Court order her return.
  • Successfully located a child taken to wilderness of Peru by the mother and returned to the United States where the Court awarded custody to the father.
  • Successfully prevented a child from being abducted to Japan by obtaining a Koseki from Japan utilizing self-help and meeting at the Japan Consulate to prevent a passport from being issued.
  • Successfully had the FBI board a plane on the tarmac of Newark Airport to seize a child who was illegally taken to Brazil.
  • Successfully, through self-help, had a child legally returned to the Netherlands.
  • Successfully had the Court compel the return of children from Switzerland.
  • Successfully had the State Court grant the mother’s relocation to Italy with her two children.
  • Successfully had the Court grant a mother’s relocation with her children to Russia.
  • Successfully had the Court prevent a mother from abducting her children to Russia.
  • Successfully had a Court prevent two children from being returned to Paraguay.
  • Successfully prevented a child from being returned to Argentina to a pedophile father, only after two trials and a Federal appeal.
  • Successfully had a Court grant visitation to a father who lives in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Successfully compelled, through Court action, support from a father living in Hong Kong.
  • Successfully returned a child to the mother who was the sole custodian after the child was abducted from Pennsylvania to New Jersey by the maternal grandparents.
  • Successfully had the interstate removal of a mother and child with new husband move from NJ to Alabama.


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Family Law and

Employing the services of a divorce lawyer requires a high level of trust in cases of family law and with over forty years of practice at the state.


Hague Convention and
Child Abduction Matters

Gourvitz & Gourvitz, LLC. are one of the few firms who handle child abduction cases both state wide and internationally.


Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Source Book (2003-2004 Ed.) by Elliot H. Gourvitz and Ari H. Gourvitz (Available by order) Domestic Violence Source Book (2nd Ed. 2014 to be released shortly) by Elliot H. Gourvitz, Ari H. Gourvitz, and Melissa Gourvitz (taking preorders now)


Family Law and Related Appeals

Since 1972, Gourvitz & Gourvitz LLC. has handled both Federal and State appeals setting legal


Domestic Torts

Gourvitz & Gourvitz, LLC. has been in the forefront in defending and prosecuting domestic torts.