As a family law firm providing clients with the combined experience of over a half century of practice in the realm of family law matters and child custody issues, Gourvitz & Gourvitz, LLC serves the state of New Jersey as an expert divorce law firm. Partners Elliot H. Gourvitz and Ari H. Gourvitz and Associate Melissa Gourvitz are experienced as a team of family lawyers practicing family law and child abduction.

As a nationally recognized expert and attorney on child custody disputes, Partner Elliot H. Gourvitz is often quoted in legal articles regarding family law cases and has been called upon to act as an expert witness in several cases involving international child custody disputes. His expertise has been solicited on may television talk shows including Oprah Winfrey, Geraldo Rivera, Gordon Elliot, CNN, Telemundo, etc.

Alongside Partner Ari H. Gourvitz and Associate Melissa Gourvitz, Elliot H. Gourvitz offers a high level of knowledge in the area of international child abduction and the firm boasts strong international connections to attorney law offices in non-US countries. These associations greatly aid family law services that involve children who may have been taken or abducted to a foreign country.

Ari Gourvitz is an aggressive attorney who began his career as a law clerk to Justice Virginia Long of the New Jersey Supreme Court. In this position, he aided the Justice in her decisions on landmark matrimonial cases. He is co-author of the quintessential book on domestic violence: Domestic Violence Source Book. He has been named, twice, and recognized as a “Rising star” by “Superlawyers” as nominated his peers.

Melissa Gourvitz has the insight and ability to deal with clients and adversaries under high stress situations in order to help them achieve a reasoned resolution of their conflicted matters.

The firm handles all facets of family and matrimonial including but not limited to child abuse cases, divorce matters, marital disputes, actions for support, and enforcement of prior judgments. The cases range from the simplest divorce to those of high profile and complex matters involving substantial assets and income. They have the ability to analyze the cases and develop the right strategy for a successful completion of the case in their client’s favor.