The Gourvitz Firm prevented a New Jersey divorce judgment from being modified in Italy, despite the fact that both parties reside in Italy.  The Gourvitz Firm had represented the wife/ex-wife for over 20 years. The husband alleged that wife’s sizable inheritance including the family castle and her alleged cohabitation were sufficient factors to stop the […]


Chasing News interviewed Ari Gourvitz after being contacted by the grandmother about the injustice she believed was happening to herself and her grandchild by the New Jersey Courts by transferring temporary custody from her to the illegal immigrant father. The grandmother alleged the child threatened to kill herself and deport the child to Ecuador after […]


A Muslim Mahr Agreement is a Dower Agreement entered into between Muslims in which the Husband pays an amount at the time of the marriage, and promises to pay an additional amount at a later date, usually the termination of a marriage, if the parties are divorced.  In this case, the Wife sought a divorce, […]


Gourvitz Firm stops deportation of 5 year old girl to Argentina in a Hague Convetnion brought by her Argentinian father. To have child returned, the Gourvitz Firm had Appellate Court over rule the Federal Distic Court and voided that courts order to have child returned to Argentina.  See reported news.

Hague Convention Child Abduction Case

On May 29, 2015 the Supeior Court of New Jersey Appellate Division ruled in favor of Gourvitz & Gourvitz LLC in a Hague child abduction case involving the award of attorney fees to Plaintiff. The Court ultimately found that, ” Defendant’s arguments lack sufficient merit to warrant discussion in a written opinon,” and that there […]

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The Gourvitz Firm successfully stopped a wife from continuing her divorce in India in favor of litigating in New Jersey. Wife and husband are Indian citizens living in New Jersey and wife began a divorce action in India in March of 2013 and supposedly served husband in New Jersey.  While the matter was pending in […]


We thank you for making an important contribution to the overall operation of the Hague Convention of the United States.  It is only through the generosity of Pro Bono counsel like you that hundreds of parents have been able to seek relief under the Hague Convention in U.S. courts in their incoming child abduction cases.  […]


Robert Smith was fired from his job at the Millville Rescue Squad 9 years ago where his wife also worked because their divorce would be bitter. The law against discrimination protects anyone subject to unfair treatment on the basis of age, race, origin, religion or orientation and applies to such acts in the workplace. Marital […]

A New Jersey family law judge in the Mantle v. Mantle case refused to enforce a consent agreement which provided an indefinite ban on such activity. absent any evidence of inappropriate conduct. recognizing the changing societal morays of the 1970’s the judge said each case must be evaluated: 1. How long the parties have lived […]

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