Divorce can be a difficult process emotionally, but it’s even more challenging when a couple is dealing with high-value assets. Divorcing without legal assistance is always a mistake, but it can be financially devastating with substantial assets, businesses, trusts (on-shore and off-shore), and other complex investment vehicles. The mistake some couples make is thinking they […]

Real estate assets

Real estate in a high asset divorce can pose many challenges. A couple’s home is typically their most valuable asset. In many instances when a family is dividing, one spouse retains ownership of the primary residence. However, some divorcing couples own more than one home. In addition to making a decision about the main home, […]


The Gourvitz Firm prevented a New Jersey divorce judgment from being modified in Italy, despite the fact that both parties reside in Italy.  The Gourvitz Firm had represented the wife/ex-wife for over 20 years. The husband alleged that wife’s sizable inheritance including the family castle and her alleged cohabitation were sufficient factors to stop the […]