Gourvitz Law Firm Convinces Court to Allow a Mother and Daughter to Return to Russia

Russian nesting dollsMother and Daughter Allowed to Return to Russia Following Argument to Court by New Jersey Divorce Lawyers, Gourvitz & Gourvitz

In this case a mother moved to the United States from Russia to live in New Jersey. Subsequently, the mother married and gave birth to one child. The marriage deteriorated ultimately leading to divorce. In the divorce proceeding, the mother wished to return to Russia with her child. Her family support system lives in Russia.  She lived alone in the United States.

In the proceedings, neither parent alleged negativity towards the other parent to justify removal. The parents and the experts concentrated on the best interests of the child and the alternative parenting schedule presented by the mother.

Of particular concern is that Russia is not a signatory to the Hague Convention. After a week of litigation and expert testimony, the Gourvitz firm was able to convince the Court to allow the mother to return to Russia with her daughter.

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