Gourvitz Firm Returns Abducted Child to Denmark

12351964894The Gourvitz firm had the New Jersey District Court Return an abducted child to Denmark after the Father wrongfully retained the Child in the United States. The Father was only to travel to the United States for a one month vacation, but refused to return him for over a year. After the firm located the child in New Jersey, the firm filed a Petitioner in N.J. District Court for the return of the Child pursuant Hague Convention, Request for Expedited Hearing and issuance of Show Cause Order, and brief in support of the Petition and Order to Show Cause. Ari H. Gourvitz, Esq. appeared on the return date of the Show Cause Order. While in Court with Respondent who appeared with Counsel, Ari H. Gourvitz was able to convince the Respondent and his Counsel to execute a voluntary return order (“VRO”) for the return of the minor child pointing to the infirmities in Respondent’s defenses/exceptions. The only thing that could not be agree to between counsel, and which the Judge made the decision, was the date of the return. This firm requested the return that week as the Mother had not seen her child for over a year and the Father/Respondent requested the return at the beginning of September. Ultimately, the Judge agreed with this firm’s position, especially after counsel was able to get an admission on the record by opposing counsel that there were no viable defenses or exceptions. Thus, the Court stated that anytime before the 24th of August was reasonable.

The Child returned today to Denmark and is currently in the custody of his Mother.

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