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Hague Convention International Child Abduction by Parent Case argued by New Jersey Divorce Attorneys Gourvitz & Gourvitz LLC In this case, the mother was both a United States and Norwegian citizen who was raised in Norway by her parents. She married the father, had two sons and then divorced him under the guise of wanting […]

Alimony is No Longer A Tax Deduction


The Tax Cuts and Job Act (TJCA) Eliminates the Alimony Tax Deduction in New Jersey and Nationally On January 1, 2019, alimony became tax-neutral under the new rules of the Tax Cuts and Job Act (TCJA). Payors cannot deduct payments of alimony from their taxable income and recipients of alimony do not have to claim […]

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When a child is abducted by a stranger, the first thing a parent should do is contact law enforcement. They are desperate to find their child and the police are there to help. But what about when a child is abducted by a parent? Shouldn’t the left-behind parent handle the matter in the same way […]

Sad departure

Child abduction, usually involving one parent, is becoming more rampant in this multi-cultural age with parents of diverse nationalities. In this blog, we address parental abduction to other states or countries, and not the other forms of sordid abduction such as kidnapping for ransom or sex trafficking. This blog also centers on the New York […]

A Mother wanted to relocate back to Florida with her children (from New Jersey) against the Father’s wishes.  The Father vehemently opposed the move.  As part of Mother’s Divorce Complaint, she asked the Court to grant her permission to move with the Children–a concept known as interstate removal.  The Court appointed a psychologist to assist […]


New Jersey High Court Warns Against Employer’s Retaliation for Divorce. The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled on June 21 that employers cannot retaliate against their workers because they are separated, contemplating divorce, or even if the breakup turns ugly is contentious. Unanimously, the court said the state’s Law Against Discrimination, (LAD), precludes retaliation based on […]


The Gourvitz Firm prevented a New Jersey divorce judgment from being modified in Italy, despite the fact that both parties reside in Italy.  The Gourvitz Firm had represented the wife/ex-wife for over 20 years. The husband alleged that wife’s sizable inheritance including the family castle and her alleged cohabitation were sufficient factors to stop the […]


A Muslim Mahr Agreement is a Dower Agreement entered into between Muslims in which the Husband pays an amount at the time of the marriage, and promises to pay an additional amount at a later date, usually the termination of a marriage, if the parties are divorced.  In this case, the Wife sought a divorce, […]

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The Gourvitz Firm successfully stopped a wife from continuing her divorce in India in favor of litigating in New Jersey. Wife and husband are Indian citizens living in New Jersey and wife began a divorce action in India in March of 2013 and supposedly served husband in New Jersey.  While the matter was pending in […]


Robert Smith was fired from his job at the Millville Rescue Squad 9 years ago where his wife also worked because their divorce would be bitter. The law against discrimination protects anyone subject to unfair treatment on the basis of age, race, origin, religion or orientation and applies to such acts in the workplace. Marital […]

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